I teach profitable business models and strategies that leave room for generosity, empathy, and consent.

Strategic Leadership Coaching & Consulting

I work with businesses, organizations, and individuals who endeavor to build businesses around the idea that everyone can win.

From business building and design to internal culture and offer development, my methodology fosters innovation, employee and client retention, and productive culture shifts. 

1:1 Mentorship

I have space for a limited number of 1:1 leadership coaching clients and usually have a waiting list.

If you would like to learn leadership and business skills that you can use to grow your work in this world to be part of a sea-change in changing the culture of commerce, let’s talk.

NOTE: I take on mentees based on mutual capacity for growth and willingness to learn. If we decide to work together, fees reflect where you are and what you can sustainably offer – not how much I can get you to pay.

My team and I also offer a suite of free and affordable high-quality small business and leadership learning for acquiring the soft skills needed to create the livelihood you’ve always wanted.


Explore The Good Business Workshop. From Pricing to Offer Design to pitching and business-building, and so much more, if you have a skills gap, we want to fill it with refreshingly ethical, minimalist learning (both live and on-demand) that never follows trends and absolutely will not help you achieve seven figures in record time. But it will help you get your shit at least 10% more together than you had it before.

The Good Business Workshop
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If listening to no-bullshit, experience-clad learning is your thing, check out The Good Business Podcast.


It’s a concise, value-packed solo show with Yours Truly designed to teach anyone and everyone. I teach my very best stuff there. No catch.


If you’re a reader, check out my regular column, Illana Has Thoughts.


Again, high-value, big learning, occasional soap-box ranting, no catch. Free content on both platforms is the same. Pick your spot.

Illana is one of the wisest women I know, especially when it comes to leadership and business development. Trust me when I say money spent with her is well spent.

Dusti Arab

Founder & CEO of The Reinvention Company

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