When your life’s work becomes a force that can inspire change, guide others, and raise hope, that’s leadership. That’s what I teach.

Because a life of leadership feels like liberation.

Breathless. Gorgeous. Powerful. Like you can grab people by the hand and show them how to fly.

I work with established and aspiring leaders who endeavor to change our culture through healthy, regenerative commerce.

For the learners. 

For the leaders.

For the humans who care at least 1% more about other people than they do their bottom line…

Let me show you how you can care about both.

“I started working with Illana because I wanted to get better at running my business. I kept working with Illana because she helped me get better at being myself.

Year after year, she’s the person I rely on to keep the work I do in line with the person I want to be. She’s a wise mentor, a strategic visionary, an efficient this-is-what-to-do-next tactician, a joyful cheerleader, and a zero-bullshit friend I trust to tell me the truth, always, especially when it’s hard. If your business is just a way to make money, any coach can help you do that. But if you can’t help but want your business to be an expression of your highest purpose in the world, Illana is the coach for you. “

Ash Chudgar

IFS Coach & Communications Pro

“When I was looking for a business coach nearly a decade into running my business, I knew I needed someone that wasn’t going to give me a premeditated playbook and call it a day.

I wanted someone who would ask me hard questions, challenge my own thinking, and encourage me to keep exploring. Illana did all of that in our initial 30-minute discovery call, and the next year of sessions with her unlocked insights into my business that have lit an epic path forward.

Sara Frandina

Conversion Copywriter & Qualitative Customer Researcher

In the last year I’ve grown my business from a part-time side gig into a consultancy where I get to do the work I want to be known for and support my family financially at the same time.

Since my very first coaching session, Illana has challenged me to have a bigger vision. She took the time to deeply understand not only my business but also who I am as a leader. Along the way, I stopped thinking of her as a coach and recognized that she has become my part-time business partner–deeply invested in the success of my vision and willing to dig in with me to figure out how to make it happen.”

Brandi Olsen

Author of Real Flow, Owner of Real Work Done

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